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The Meditative Experience

Meditation invites you to become deeply aware of the present moment by focusing on the in and out of the breath. It is a simple process that makes big changes in many different and often unexpected ways. It brings calm awareness and allows your body’s own innate abilities to find balance, rest, rejuvenation, healing, relaxation, and centered attention. Meditation helps you to feel comfortable in your body, mind and heart and ultimately helps you to see your life and the world around you with a deeper sense of calm well-being, clarity, purpose and confidence.

Meditation is known to help with many of life’s complexities including:

* stress * blood pressure * emotional regulation * substance abuse * relationships * immune function * anxiety * PTSD * chronic pain * depression * mental fatigue * phobias * creative blocks * self-trust * self-esteem * will power * secure attachment * letting go * clarity * confidence

Together we will experience a space of openness and peace that encourages more of the same. We will sit on chairs or the floor, whatever is preferable. I will assist you in creating your own practice that will encourage equilibrium in your daily life.

The Energetic Adjustment

Along with meditation I often combine deep progressive relaxation and hands on energy work to assist in clearing away patterned thoughts, behaviors and emotions. It is considered vibrational medicine and it moves static energy. It clears the mind and emotions and brings movement and newness. You will feel lighter and yet grounded and deeply connected to yourself and present in your life. If dealing with a specific physical or emotional issue deeper understanding, healing and freedom can be gained.

Individual Sessions $60 - sliding scale available - I am available to come to you with an additional charge of $5-10 for travel.

Regular on-going group and workshop information is found on my Facebook page or contact me.

I also offer meditation in group settings for many different types of organizations and groups. Please contact me for information.

Here is what others have experienced…

“This is something I’ve always wanted but didn’t know where to find it.”

“When I am centered and mindful during the work day, I see each encounter during the day as an opportunity, and I no longer count the minutes until quitting time.”

“I have a greater awareness of my reactions to situations and people. I am able to slow down, modify my response and give calm voice to my thoughts and feelings, making once stormy relationships less so”

“I focused on breathing, and with each breath came more self-awareness, happiness, and creativity. What Pam did for me was more than an affirmation- more than a post-it on my mirror that I read each morning- it came from inside me."

Pamela Easterday * Meditation Therapy - 142 N Main Street (2nd floor) St. Albans, VT 05478